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Why You Should Go Inshore Fishing On Your Next Vacation

Florida’s Gulf Coast offers some of the best fishing spots in the country, with Destin inshore fishing being extremely popular among locals and tourist who flock to the emerald waters specifically for fishing. Today, we are going to take a look at what inshore fishing is and what makes Destin inshore fishing so special.

Inshore fishing is fishing in sight of land – or on land in some cases – in water up to 30 meters deep. Another good rule of thumb is if you are more than 9 miles out, you are now offshore fishing. Because fishermen are closer to the shore, the waters are significantly more calm. This means the boat required doesn’t need to be as powerful. Popular inshore fishing vessels include small cabin cruisers, dinghys, and even kayaks. These smaller boats use less power and less fuel – if they use fuel at all.

The benefits of inshore fishing extend beyond the boat, though. Even with significant seasonal changes, inshore fishing remains consistent year round. In terms of gear, the rods and reels needed for inshore fishing are less expensive, because they don’t need to pull in larger fish, like tuna or billfish. The tackle is also lighter. Offshore fishing often requires pricey equipment like chirp sonar and open radar; inshore fishing usually needs a standard GPS and occasionally a fish tracker, but they aren’t considered a necessity. Being closer to the shore also means less time getting to a location and more time fishing. It can take hours or overnight to reach an offshore fishing location, burning time and fuel.

Destin has been called the luckiest fishing village and the billfish capital of the gulf, and those are nicknames it lives up to. Geographical features like artificial reefs, diverse limestone structures, and proximity to the Desoto Canyon encourages a wide variety of fish – such as snapper, amberjack, and triggerfish – to breed in the area. The perfect example of this is Another reason Destin is perfect for inshore fishing is the history. While that might sound strange, the history of Destin as a fishing village meant the natural resources were respected and cared for, preserving the ocean ecosystem for many generations to come. Fishing is frequently enjoyed by locals, meaning boat and charter companies are operated by experienced fishermen who know the waters perfectly.

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