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Tinting Your Windows for Shade and UV Protection

If there is something Florida is known for, it’s the stunning weather. We aren’t called the Sunshine State for nothing! If you’ve ever enjoyed the gulf, you know just how amazing that sunshine can feel. On the other hand, if you’ve ever gotten into a car after a day at the beach, you have seen the bad side of all that sun too. The same sun that makes our beaches so beautiful, makes homes, offices, and boats miserable at times while those UV rays dry rot flooring and plastics. American Pro Tint is a Pensacola window tinting company that specializes in residential, commercial, and marnie window tint installation.

The EPA reported that approximately one third of your home’s energy is wasted through windows. That means your AC is working harder than it needs to in the summertime. By installing window tinting, you can increase the efficiency of your AC system and reduce your energy consumption and bill. UV rays that get through traditional windows can cause flooring and fabrics to fade over time; by stopping those rays, you can slow down this fading.

Those beautiful, floor to ceiling windows found in many office buildings these days come with some costs: privacy can be lacking, glare can affect computer screens, and more windows mean more heat. Window tinting can fix all of those issues while still enjoying the view and natural light windows provide. Reducing glare and heat improves the atmosphere of your business for both clients and employees while beautifying your office space. Interior windows can have tinting installed on them to give more privacy for conference rooms and employee offices. Thicker films are also available to help protect your business. These tints help hold windows together after they have been hit, whether it’s bad weather or someone trying to break inside.

American Pro Tint can also help you with boat and yacht window tint. Installing tint on marine windows dramatically reduces the amount of UV rays (up to 99%) and heat in the cabin, which in turn means less work for your AC and generator. Less UV rays shining on your electronics can prolong their lifetime. It also adds a little bit of privacy when you are at the dock. With all the salty water, marine window tinting is a daunting task for most tint installers, but not for the experts at American Pro Tint.

Whether you need tint installed on your home, business, or boat, or aesthetic or security reasons, trust the professionals at American Pro Tint. You can check them out on their website or give them a call to get a free quote at 850-860-0430.