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Plumbing When YOU Need It

Picture this: You are enjoying a nice vacation, visiting the beaches of Destin with your family. After some fun in the sun all day and a meal out, you return to find out a pipe burst in your vacation home. It’s after 5 so everything is closed. Actual nightmare, right? If you are ever looking for a Destin plumbers, AJ’s Plumbing has you covered. The certified crew at AJ’s Plumbing are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for your plumbing emergencies.

While AJ’s Plumbing is ready for emergencies, that’s not all they do; if you are looking to remodel kitchen or bathroom, a situation much prefered to nightmare the one above, the professionals at AJ’s Plumbing can help you out. They can assist with demoing existing plumbing, roughing out new plumbing, and installing new pipes. Just looking to have a sink or shower relocated instead of a full remodel? AJ’s Plumbing can handle that, too!

Services range from repairs – including everything from clogged drains and leaks to electric water heater repairs and sewer line maintenance – custom plumbing, and gas piping for fireplaces. For clogged drains and blocked pipes, they can deploy a camera on a flexible rod to go down the drain and pinpoint exactly where the problem is, be it roots, cracked pipes, or any other issue.

The experts at AJ’s Plumbing provide helpful tips for smaller plumbing issues in your home and how to prevent disaster before it strikes. Their blog covers topics ranging from what makes some faucets more expensive than others and how to polish brass fixtures to what causes leaks and the history of plumbing. Ever wanted to know what makes pipes leak? The answer can be found in the blog! Aside from plumbing tips, we also keep some handy tips those looking to learn a thing or two about things outside of plumbing, for example, did you know not to hang Christmas ornaments too low, as they can be a choking hazard for pets and children? We certainly learned a lot checking it out!

Whenever you need a plumber in the Destin area, for new or existing homes, give the experts at AJ’s Plumbing a call at 850-231-1473. AJ’s Plumbing has a reputation for both quality and responsiveness. They not only work to help their clients complete their projects, but enjoy doing it as well, and seeing any project through, from start to finish. AJ’s Plumbing is fully licensed and trained so you know you’ll get the quality of service you need, and you can depend on them. You can also find out more and see a full list of the services they provide on their website, www.ajsplumbinginc.com.