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Home and Office Security To Help You Protect What Matters Most

In this day and age, it seems like you can’t turn on the local news without seeing crime alerts. Are you wondering how you can help keep your home safer? In today’s post we are going to look at some ways you can better protect your home.

Our first tip might sound silly, but bare with us. Just by having a security system, your home is already safer. Burglars try their best to avoid homes with security systems. Just by having the little sign or sticker on your window saying you have a system, your chances of being broken into by a thief have already decreased.

In most home burglaries, the thief gets into the home through a window, whether the window was already unlocked or they had to break it to get inside. Intruder alarms can be placed on windows to alert you if a window is being opened when the system is armed. Thanks to modern technology, most systems these days have the option of sending a text to your phone when it goes off, you even if you are away, you’ll know. Specialized alarms can also sense when a window is being shattered and alert you to that as well.

If you want to know if someone is on your property before they even get to your house, perimeter alarms might be a great option for you! Similar to the window alarms, options that send alerts to your phone are available. Automatic lights can be connected to these style of systems, so you can see if it is a potential thief, a deer, or a friendly face coming by unannounced. Motion detection doesn’t stop there, however. Motion detection alerts can be installed in your home. These allow you to know if someone is moving around your house when you aren’t home, or if you are home alone.

It’s hard to go anywhere without your phone these days and security systems take advantage of that. We’ve already mentioned different alerts that can be sent to your phone, but there are more. Some security systems can alert your phone if you left the house without arming the system or when a code is used to unlock the system. It is services like these that keep you in the loop even when you are miles away.

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