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Getting Familiar with Kayaks

For many thousands of years, humans have traveled out onto the water by means of manmade narrow boats called kayaks. Originally built by the Inuit and neighboring tribes, these watercraft were fashioned from either wood or a whalebone-skeleton frame, and had an animal skin, namely stitched seal skin, stretched over the frame to give it the buoyancy it needs to float on the water. Kayaks, while many are different in design, most have the same execution. The kayak is very narrow from side to side, often only be a mere inch or two on each side from the rider’s sides, and very long in length, stretching anywhere from ten to up to thirty feet long. The hole that the passenger sits in is called a cockpit, and kayaks can have one to three cockpits. The multi-cockpit design is useful for transporting many passengers at once, or for transporting goods. Building a kayak, long before machinery has been around to aid the process, was personalized and crafted by the man using it, with assistance from his wife to aid in sewing skins.


Kayaks have been guiding people out onto the water for the past four thousand years, to help sustain ways of life. The kayak is often translated as “hunter’s boat,” and here is why. Fishers have used kayaks to go out into deep waters to catch bigger fish to provide for their family or tribe, hunters have used kayaks to glide across a river’s surface to close in on prey, and nomads have traveled in kayaks to reach new lands or find access to new resources.


Kayaks today see a difference in design and use, but still have the same shape. Many kayaks fashioned today are for sport and recreational use. Sport kayaks a typically very narrow and extraordinarily long, giving it the most sleek design possible for gliding through the water with ease. These kayaks are often used for racing tournaments, and occasionally for recreation. There are kayaks designed particularly for recreation, however, and they are a little wider and a little shorter, perfect for gliding through rivers or for placing in any water to get a workout.


Kayaks today are manufactured almost nothing like ow they used to be. While some people and tribes still see making their own as a tradition and still make their own to this day, most that are manufactured are made with certain plastics or fiberglass for buoyancy and durability. The process to make these kayaks can be long and complicated, not to mention expensive. But there are cheaper ways to enjoy a day out on the water with a kayak, such as renting one from a company that specializes in Destin kayak rentals. Some rental agencies will have a plethora of different kinds of kayaks to choose from, recreational to utility, like fishing kayaks. Get a kayak rental and get out onto the water today!