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Flavors From Around the World

There’s always something special about foreign foods that give them their popularity in the United States. Sometimes it’s tradition, sometime it’s because it is a break away from the normal, and sometimes it’s to try something new. The United States has food from all over the world, offering unique tastes to hungry citizens. Here are a few types of styles of food for you to check out next time you go to dinner.



The Caribbean style food is derived from a fusion of many other foods, including Creole, Cajun, European, Persian, Asian, and a few more. The style encompasses these derivations, but also has some style that is unique to the region. Common ingredients that are used in Caribbean dishes include bell peppers, chickpeas, coconut, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, culantro, and tomato. Meats typically include beef, poultry, pork, and fish. A key seasoning used in Caribbean dishes is a green herb and oil marinade, encompassing garlic, onions, celery, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, and more. This seasoning can be found in curries, stews, and roasted meats, so it is very versatile.



The Cajun style of cooking came to fruition from Acadiana region of Louisiana. The style is known as a rustic cuisine, where the ingredients that are locally available dominate the dishes, and the preparation is usually simple. Cajun meals are typically a “three-pot affair,” in which the meal is has three pots that encompass the main dish in one and the sides in the other two. Typically, one has steamed rice and one has whatever vegetable is either plentiful or available. Most common meats for Cajun dishes are made with shrimp, andouille sausage, and crawfish, while the three most common vegetables are the most aromatic ones, green peppers, onions, and celery.



The Cuban style of cuisine combines Spanish, African, Caribbean, and Native American Taino cuisines. The Cuban style get its spices and techniques from both the African and Spanish style of cooking, and gets its spice and flavor from Caribbean influence. The main influence over the the cuisine comes from Spain, as a result from the Spanish colonization. French colonists that came from Haiti also brought some styles and techniques over with them, further adding to the Cuban style. The most iconic dishes that Cuban style cooking has brought forth are the Cuban sandwich and Ropa Vieja, while the most popular drinks that came from the Cuban style are Daiquiris and Mojitos


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