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Drug Treatment That’s Right For You

Are 12 step programs not working for you or a loved one? Does going to a rehabilitation center seem like a daunting task? Bayshore Retreat, a Florida drug treatment center, aims to take the fear out of rehab and create a different kind of drug treatment therapy.

Bayshore was founded by Judy and Jeff, a mother and son team, after Jeff struggled getting through his own addiction. They’ve been through the same frustrations, anxiety, and anger that those wrestling with addiction have felt. Through their own experiences and the latest research, they opened Bayshore to treat the mind, body, and spirit, to make sure you live a healthy, full, and addiction-free life.

The main thing that sets Bayshore apart from other drug treatment centers is that it is a non-12 step program. While these principles are used pretty regularly by other recovery centers, Bayshore focuses on health and views medical healing as essential to the recovery process. By treating the physical damage done by drug or alcohol, clients are setup on the road to recovery. They also don’t treat drug addiction with other drugs, like suboxone and methadone. When addiction is treated with more drugs, the cycle of addiction continues.

A day at Bayshore starts at the gym. Physical fitness is key to healing the body. Breakfast follows the morning workout. Bayshore keeps a chef and dietitian on-site to make sure that meals are prepared to your nutrition needs and taste. Sauna therapy is helps rid the body of toxins that built up during addiction. Individual therapy sessions are twice a week with an on-site licensed mental health counselor. Group, AA-style meetings are available, but not required. Another key feature that sets Bayshore apart from standard treatment is cell phones and computers are allowed for use during free time, which it after therapy. During free time, individuals are also able to relax by the pool or meditate. Life skills classes are at the end of the day. These courses teach those staying at Bayshore how to handle daily stresses without alcohol or drugs. Anger management, communication skills, and even resume building are frequent life skills course topics. On the weekend, clients of Bayshore can enjoy off-site outings and grab a bite to eat, go fishing, or relax on the beautiful beaches. This part of the program shows clients that it is possible to enjoy life without drugs or alcohol.

Bayshore Retreat is the premier Florida drug treatment center, located in Destin, FL. If you are interested in learning more about the services they offer, you can give them a call at 850-687-6831 or visit them online and take the fear out of rehab.